2015 Autumn Show

Another lovely turnout of plants at this years Autumn Show. The trophy winners were as follows:

Best in Show

This Bulbophyllum ornatisimum was awarded three trophies:

Best In Show (The Palestanga Trophy)

Best Specie (The South East Orchid Society Tankard)

Best mounted exhibit (The Alan Hutt Tankard)

Congratulations to Mr J. Walters who exhibited it.

Bulbophyllum ornatisimum

Reserve Best In Show

This Vanda sanderiana x Ascocenda Krailerk White was awarded three trophies:

Reserve Best in Show (The Bill Chapman Trophy)

Best Hybrid (The Canterbury Trophy)

Best Vandaceous exhibit (The Dr Basil Francis Trophy)

Congratulations to Mrs C. Bartlett who exhibited it.

Vanda sanderiana x Ascocenda Krailerk White

Best Phaleanopsis

This Phalaenopsis equestris alba exhibited by Mr. D. Webb was awarded

Best Phaleanopsis (The South East Orchid Society Trophy)

 Phalaenopsis equestris alba

Best Dendrobium

This Dendrobium hybrid exhibited by Mrs. C. Bartlett was awarded

Best Dendrobium (The Dendrobium Cup)

 Dendrobium Hybrid

Best Cattleya

This Laeliocattleya Loog one exhibited by Mrs K. Sellers was awarded

Best Cattleya (The June Winslade Shield)

 Laeliocattleya Loog Tone

Best Paphiopedilum

This Paphiopedilum spicerianum exhibited by Mr. N. Dunn was awarded

Best Paphiopedilum (The Fred & Rose Abbott Trophy)

 Paphiopedilum specerianum

Best arrangement of cut orchid flowers

This arrangement of Phalaenopsis hybrids exhibited by Mrs C. Bartlett was awarded

Best arrangement of cut orchid flowers (The Arrangement Trophy)

 Autumn Orchid Arrangement